We are bringing GH2 mobility solutions into reality

We aim at creating decarbonisation of the mobility sector solutions and its related infrastructures.

To become a frontrunner in the development and application of Green Hydrogen solutions in the mobility field.

To bring the advantages of green energy solutions to our society with clean mobility technology.

To contribute to the awareness of individuals and society to the need of change towards a cleaner future.


For fast scale ups we are leveraging well known technology –
current battery powered electric vehicles are well understood.

GH2 provides many advantages :
• quick refill- infrastructure will be similar to filling conventional vehicles
longer range- compared to BEV

More sustainable system footprint – does not require as many rare materials.

GH2 Moment Is Now

We need to scale up and speed in in order reach very clear set decarbonisation goals.

Hydrogen technology has matured to the point where it us accelerating to become mainstream use.

Motorsport industry is at the casp of Hydrogen vehicles racing and promotion. Adaptation follows trials and successes of these efforts.

The hydrogen infrastructure development is visibly accelerating and is included in the EU strategic development plans.




Element One Technologies specialises in the design and integration of hydrogen fuel cell systems for mobility applications. Our team includes industry experts in research and development, design, testing and manufacturing of high performance clean energy vehicles. Applying a holistic design approach we push the boundaries of current clean energy technologies. Optimized emission-free hydrogen vehicles for rapid scale up is our goal.

Development Roadmap

The Element One team through a holistic design approach offers emission-free hydrogen mobility solutions. Utilizing the advantages of hydrogen fuel cells we demonstrate and push the boundaries of current clean energy technology.

Element One Focus Area 1


Element One Focus Area 2

Hydrogen Powertrain

Element One Focus Area 3


Our Team

Element One Technologies hands-on approach has a strong high performance DNA. We are here to make it a reality. We recognize the imperative need for acceleration and adaptation.
Our dedicated team of engineers is driven to accelerate the adoption of clean mobility solutions through green hydrogen integration projects. While focusing on Hydrogen fuel cell systems we are always looking for new and exciting ways to utilize this technology, the fuel of the future.



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